Frequently Asked Questions …

Building a patio or structure without a license is a crime, and puts you at risk with your project, not only for safety concerns, but could cause things like cancellation of your homeowner's insurance, or you may be forced to destroy any unlicensed or un-permitted work.

Make sure any company you use for living space upgrades is a C-14 licensed contractor with the State of Nevada. (*The C-14 license designation is required by the state for all contractors licensed to build patios.) Ask to see their state license as well as their insurance paperwork.

Las Vegas tightly regulates how additions must be completed, whether it be a stand alone structure, or adding on to your existing home or business. Trying to save money by working with an unlicensed contractor can be unsafe, and cost you more in the long run as they have a tendency to cut corners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: properly licensed contractor will carry their own SIIS insurance to protect you in case of an accident. If you hire an unlicensed contractor and someone is injured while working on your property, YOU are liable for their medical expenses.

At Durakool, we will always show you our license, permits, bonding, and insurance paperwork. We want you to be assured and confident that we will do the job right.
We stand behind our products with a 100% guarantee. Durakool has the strongest warranty in the industry ! (most warranties transferrable to the new owner should you sell your home. )