Patio Bras

The Patio Bra is a next generation sun shade for lattice patio covers. The quality vinyl laminated polyester fabric acts like a canvass fabric to provide additional shade and protection from the elements. Patio Bra covers help to keep your patio cooler and allow you to use your patio more frequently – especially during the hottest parts of the Vegas summer.

Patio Bra comes in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as a variety of mesh patterns. DuraKool can help you pick the right Patio Bra for your Lattice Patio Cover. Patio Bra offers you the following features and benefits allowing you to enjoy your lattice patio cover year round! Compatible with aluminum or wood

Cool in the summer, dry in the winter

Protects furniture in any weather

Easy to clean and maintain

Durable materials

Affordable addition to your lattice